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Avoid some so-called professional numerology software that provide complex numerology reports which are difficult to understand and make you all the more confused. They have made numerology too complicated even for themselves.

We recommend you  try Head Numerologist's almost full functional freeware version before you decide to buy it. Head Numerologist Pro costs 10-20 times less. Please See Complete Features, System Requirement and What is New in version 5

Study the table below and decide for yourself.

Numerology Report
Head Numerologist
Head Numerologist PRO
your nature and personality
your merits
your demerits
your love and sex life
your profession and career
your health prospects
your lucky gemstone
your numerical horoscope and analysis of aspects of numbers
name number compatibility
place number compatibility
important years of your life
Numerological advice
Occult advice
Remedial measures based on your name, birth, fate and astrological numbers
Fate and Compound numbers and predictions
Expression number (Name Number) analysis
Desire Number Calculation and its Analysis
Intimate Number Calculation and its Analysis
Cornerstone and its Analysis
Repetition of numbers in your name and its Analysis
Graphic representation of numbers showing their calculation method
Famous people (celebrities) born under different numbers
Partnership / Marriage Compatibility
Daily / Monthly / Yearly Forecasts
All Purpose Query and
Lost Article Finder
Lucky Lottery Number Teller
Migrant's Condition Teller
Comes with database of :
   14000+ unique names
    4000+ locations of the world
    500 food items
Smaller database included
No Limit to add and store records for names, locations, food items, persons for whom numerology forecast is required Limited number of records can be added and stored.
Choice of Kabbalah and User-defined alphabet values only chaldean and pythagorean alphabet values available
Unlimited Date range for date of birth in which to generate numerology reports NO DATE RANGE LIMITATION NOW
Send report to print spooler, external text editor not for main numerology reports
Product Help and Support
Price 100% FREE
No Expiry, Virtually Full Functional
INR 550.00

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