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HEAD NUMEROLOGIST -  Your True Numerology Guide - is a professional numerology software by It is 100% free for personal use and has no expiry.

Head  Numerologist  is  based on the world  famous  theories  of  numbers namely Chaldean, Pythagorean, Hindu, and Greek.   The software also makes use of Cheiro's ideas and theories on numbers. Cheiro was a renowned numerologist of his times. Numerology   is   widely  used  by astrologers,  fortune  tellers  and  occultists  to  predict future  and  to  solve  man's various  mundane problems.


Numerology Forecast Report Features :

your nature and personality

your merits

your demerits

your love and sex life

your profession and career

your health prospects

your lucky gemstone

your numerical horoscope & aspects analysis

your name number compatibility with birth number

your place number compatibility with birth number

important years of your life

gives numerological advice

gives occult advice

remedial measures based on your name, birth, fate and astrological numbers

fate and compound numbers and forecast based thereon

desire number and intimate number analysis

Choice between Chaldean and Pythagorean Number Systems

Match Maker /  Compatibility with another person

Daily  /  Monthly  /  Yearly Forecast

Lost Article Finder

Introduction to Numerology

See complete features here


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1.   New: Registerd users can now set their name and address which will be printed in all reports. Set your name and address in settings.

2.   New: Registered users can send or copy report to clipboard in Quick Reports for pasting as text in any other application and anywhere like MS Word, text editor, email applications like Gmail, Yahoo mail etc.

3.   New: Registered users can now send reports to windows printer in Quick Reports option.

4.   New: In Qreports (quick reports) option, a few reports can now be saved as PDF by all users.

5.   New: Now you can copy and paste your registration key when registering Head Numerologist. This avoids error and saves time.

6.   Fixed: Random bug in fate number calculation when month of birth is November or December.




Head Numerologist ver. 6 is a Major Release with these new features:


01. World celebrities names with their date of birth: >4550 names

02. Instant display of key numbers

03. Instant modular reports on the current person which can be saved as PDF file

04. Save report as PDF file direct

05  send report to windows printer of your choice

06. Quick help tips to get you started

07. Open and view and print existing PDF reports

08. Color customization with several pre-defined color combinations

09. Suggests compatible numbers if there is no compatibility

10. Full mouse compatibility

11. Windows 10  32 | 64 bit compatible

12. Filter and display records on user specified birth number, fate number, name number, first name, sur name, gender and any combination of these. Highly useful feature for numerologists, learners and researchers.

13. Improved user interface.

14. Several enhancements and minor bug fixes

15. Very easy and fast registration procedure to unlock PRO features

16. Powerful freeware with NO date range limitation; NO expiry




+  64 bit Windows compatible with better ease of use and faster processing

++ Calculation of desire number and its significance / forecast

+++ Calculation of intimate number and its significance / forecast

++++ Name number analysis and its significance

+++++ Cornerstone number analysis

++++++ Repetition of numbers in a Name (Inclusion) and its significance

+++++++ Analysis of numerical horoscope i.e.  significance of aspects in the horoscope

++++++++ Graphic representation (showing calculation method) of name number, birth number and fate number

+++++++++ Famous people (celebrities) born under different numbers

++++++++++ Very easy,  fast Registration / Activation procedure to unlock PRO features

+++++++++++ More powerful freeware with NO date range limitation; NO expiry


Head Numerologist ver 4 is a major release with these new features:

+     Completely new user-interface

++    Complete database system to add / edit and store records of persons (for whom numerology forecaste report is required) which can be classified into user-defined categories.

+++   Database management system for names viz. Indian names - men / women,  english names - men and women, english names (mixed), english surnames.  HN PRO comes with a large database of names with their meanings.

   Indian names - men             (with meanings)          :   2700

   Indian names - women        (with meanings)          :   2500

   English names - men          (with meanings)           :   535

   English names - women     (with meanings)           :   450

   English names (mixed)       (with meanings)           :   4535

   English surnames                                                    :  10,000

++++   Database management system for locations of the world to ascertain your compatibility with the various places.  HN PRO comes with a large database classified into categories like:

   Europe locations                       :  1400

   America north  locations            :   922

   America  south  locations           :  368

   Africa locations                          :  711

   Asia locations                            :  803

   Australia locations                     :  138

   India locations                           :  670

                Add / edit / delete any number of locations

+++++  Food and Numerology is an area of research. Your numerological compatibility with a particular food you eat.  500 food items  are included in the database. Add / edit / delete any number of items.              


++++++     Besides choice of Chaldean, Pythagorean, Kabbalah systems of numbers, now user-defined alphabet values stored in any number of sets can be used. Very useful feature for numerologists and researchers.

+++++++    Use your own text editor to edit reports.

++++++++    Any name / number compatibility with your name and or date of birth.

+++++++++    knowledgebase on numerology, meanings of compound numbers.

++++++++++     Other additions like choice of American or British date format,  enhanced remedial measures, lucky lottery number teller etc.

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PC with Hard Disk.  HN Version 6, runs on all Windows 32 & 64 bit versions starting from 95 to WIN10.  HN6 can also be installed on USB Flash drive and writable CD.


For HN version <=5 Users

For Windows Vista and WIN7, you may have to run it as Administrator. For HN version 5, you may NOT require to run the application as an administrator.

(Only for version <=5) For WIN 10, Please see the Important Note at the Bottom of this page.

For Mac Users: The application has not been tested on a Mac book.   But some users have reported to run it successfully on a Mac. You'll need to install WINDOWS VIRTUAL MACHINE on your Macbook. Thereafter install HN over it. So please test the freeware version fully on your Mac Book before you place order.


In Windows Vista, some programs only run correctly if you run them as an administrator.

To run the program (HEAD NUMEROLOGIST) as an administrator, follow these steps:

   1. Right-click the icon that you use to run the program, and then click Run as administrator.

   2. When you are prompted for an administrator password or for a confirmation, type the administrator password, or click Continue.

For some program icons, the Run as administrator option is not available on the shortcut menu. For these program icons, follow these steps:

   1. Right-click the icon that you use to run the program, and then click Properties. On the Shortcut tab, the Target box contains the location and the name of the program file.

   2. Open the folder that contains the program file.

   3. Right-click the program file, and then click Run as administrator.


If you are prompted for an administrator password or for a confirmation, type the password, or click Continue.

If you must run a program as an administrator, you may want to set up the program so that you automatically run it as an administrator. To do this, follow these steps:

   1. Right-click the icon that you use to run the program, and then click Properties.

   2. On the Compatibility tab, click to select the Run this program as an administrator check box, and then click OK.

The Compatibility tab is not available for some program icons. For these program icons, follow these steps:

   1. Right-click the icon that you use to run the program, and then click Properties. On the Shortcut tab, the Target box contains the location and the name of the program file.

   2. Open the folder that contains the program file.

   3. Right-click the program file, and then click Properties.

   4. On the Compatibility tab, click to select the Run this program as an administrator check box, and then click OK.

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The setup file of freeware version can be downloaded from our website or any other download sites. Run the setup file and this will install the application.  To run the program, click on the HEAD NUMEROLOGIST tab in the start menu or double click on the HN icon on your desktop. It is recommended that you do not install the application on the System / Bootable drive (where your boot files reside) which is generally C: The application is free and has no expiry. You can use it indefinitely.


Freeware version of HEAD NUMEROLOGIST does not require any activation or registration. You are free to use it for as long as you like. It has no expiry and is almost full functional. You should consider donating some money if you like the software and derive benefit from its use. We continue to spend a lot money, resources and time to maintain and upgrade the software. Please consider recognition of our efforts by donating some money. Send your contribution now.

To unlock PRO features, you are required to get a registration key from us. To do this, send us the HD Vol key number of your computer hard disk drive along with your order. To get your HD Key number, install the freeware application by downloading the setup file from our website or from other download sites. After the installation, run the application; press F9 key to go to "reports and tools." Then double click "Register Your Copy" option. Your HD drive key number will be displayed. You can also get the HD vol. number using the option <ABOUT>.  Note down vol. number carefully and send it to us by email or by using the order form on our website. On the basis of this, a registration key or password will be sent to you (normally with in 8 hours after we receive your order with payment) that you must enter once in the option "Register Your Copy" to get the registration done. Successful registration will unlock the features of PRO version. If you have any question, please feel free to ask. Just email   or  use online form on our website to send your message.

UPGRADE: If you are a registered user of HN PRO and want to upgrade to HN 6 then this upgrade is 100% free. Just install HN6 in a different folder on the same drive volume and use the same registration key you received for HN5. This key should work. Or just send your last purchase details along with HD vol key number using your same email id. The registration key will be sent to you free!

If you are upgrading from HN5 to HN6, the same registration key will work if required. Install HN6 on the same drive volume. If you want to keep your old data then do not install HN6 on the existing directory; use a different folder on the same HD volume to install or contact us for upgrade procedure.

Upgrading from 6 to 6.1: If you want to keep your old data, please do not install version 6.1 in the same folder. Install it in a different folder and then copy HN6.exe file to your HN6 folder and overwrite the file. Now you are ready to go with your old data intact.


Please click to order HN Pro.

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To tap the full potential of HEAD NUMEROLOGIST, please upgrade to PRO version. The PRO version has no limitations.

To visit the ORDER PAGE direct click this link:

To visit the product home page, click this link:

To visit the price-list page, click this link:  

Note: You can pay for your order by PayPal which is an internationally trusted payment gateway. Paypal accepts all major credit cards and bank accounts.  You can use other payment options also.  Click to learn more about payment options.


License Agreement

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before using the software  HEAD NUMEROLOGIST.  Use of this software indicates you accept the terms of this license agreement and warranty.

Disclaimer of Warranty

ASTROCCULT.NET and the developer have made efforts to ensure that the software HEAD NUMEROLOGIST is made according to the guidelines set in the ancient Indian Astrological Scriptures as well European numerologists. However Numerology / Astrology is a dynamic field and views will differ from region to region and person to person. Astroccult makes no warranty to the accuracy or suitability of these  calculations, charts and predictions or their use for a particular purpose. Users should not take the predictions as conclusive or binding, It  is his discretion to follow or believe what is advised in the software. It is entirely  the users liability if he follows any course of action advised in this software. HEAD NUMEROLOGIST  (this software) is provided on "as-is"  basis and without warranty of any kind, express, implied or otherwise, including without limitation, any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. In no event shall the author of this software or or its publishers or its associates be held liable for data loss, damages, loss of profits or any other kind of loss while using or misusing this software.


HEAD NUMEROLOGIST is totally free for personal use. In the case of its Freeware version,  you are granted the right to use and to make an unlimited number of copies of this software and distribute the software without any modification and without any charge. You can upgrade to PRO version by getting registered  copy of the software by making payment.  Freeware / unregistered users may not receive any product support.

If you find this software useful, please consider making a donation. Visit for more details.

Whether freeware or unregistered or registered or Pro, the software HEAD NUMEROLOGIST is for personal use only. You are not authorized to sell the reports generated by the software in any form like hard copy or digital form either "as it is" or in a modified form.

For commercial use, it is required to get a separate license from us by registering. Contact us at to find out how to obtain license for commercial use.

Restrictions on Use

This software must not be decompiled, disassembled, reverse engineered or otherwise modified.

Copyright (C) 2020 . All rights reserved.

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Head Numerologist software has been written and developed by P V Singh. P V Singh is a post-graduate with passion for occult subjects. He is a palmist, vedic astrologer and numerologist. He is also an expert of famed Indian astrology book   Lal Kitab (Red Book). P V SINGH has produced many other softwares viz.

[1]  Rahu Kalam, Yamagandam, Gulika Kalam Calculator (100% Free)

[2]   Chaughadia Muhurta Calculator (100% Free)

[3]   Feng Shui KUA Fortune Teller (100% FREE with 200+ Feng Shui Remedies & Tips)

[4]  Napoleonís Oracle Software (100% Free; based on Napoloeonís Book of Fate and Oraculum)

[5]  qNumerologist, OTools etc.

All are available for download on this site. For getting his Personalized readings, please explore this website  or email him at

Click to learn more about the author.

Thanks are due to the authors or publishers of all those freeware text editors and print spooler that you as end user may use as per your choice. Their procurement and use is entirely your choice and responsibility. Please read the "status of external freeware invoked by HN" below for more information.

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Head Numerologist lets you use external third party programs (print spooler and text editors) of your choice to print reports. Some freeware under GPL are WinPrint (print spooler), Akelpad, WinVi, Abiword, Abiword portable text editors. Other freeware text editors are TED Notepad, Notepad2, Notetab lite, Rough Draft, Editpad lite, PolyEdit Lite, Crimson editor etc. Head Numerologist only invokes exe (binary) files of all these external programs only if you keep them in the application directory and set them in the Settings of the program. These freeware programs or plugins are not normally shipped with Head Numerologist. You as end user has to acquire them on your own. You can download them from the download sites on the internet or from their publishers websites. You must comply with their license agreement before you download or use them. You are in no way under any obligation to use them. However some of these are available for download for free from our website Grateful thanks are specially due to the writers of WinPrint (Print Spooler utility) and TED Notepad (text editor).  Both these programs are freeware and can be optionally used (besides others) to extend the functionality of Head Numerologist.  They have not been modified in any way.  Only their original unmodified binary (exe) files (external) are invoked by the application Head Numerologist. Head Numerologist does not dynamically link to them. No function calls are made to each other. Head Numerologist does not use their source code in any form at all. HN can also be used and run full functional without these two programs or other freeware programs. These two freeware programs only increase the potential of HN.  They can be downloaded  in full (including source-code if under GNU GPL) for free from our website and redistributed as per their license. If you use them, it implies that you agree to their license (EULA). You can use your own other compatible text editors or print spoolers either free or commercial and define them in the "Settings" of the application HN.

We recommend that you give TED Notepad / Akelpad / Rough Draft / Abiword a try. Rough Draft and Abiword are not simply text editors. They are word processors. You can decorate your report with them. The binary file of the text editor must be placed in the HN folder or available as per the path defined in the settings option of HN.

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Your feedback and suggestions are important to me.

For any information, issue, enquiry or feedback, please email  me at

Or use the above feedback link to contact me. 

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR WINDOWS 10 USERS (for version HN 5 users)

In WIN 10, you need to make some changes after the installation other wise you may not run or use the application properly.

After installing the HN 5 on WIN 10, click on the HN icon on the top left corner to invoke system menu. Select the "Defaults."  Now select "Options"  under "Console Windows Properties" window and Check "Use Legacy Console" option.  The same process be repeated for "Properties" option. This time you will get "Head Numerologist 5" Properties window. Again Check the "Use Legacy Console" option. Now quit the application and relaunch to use it.  Please keep in mind that the mouse may not function on WIN 10 as expected.  If so, then Use up / down / right / left arrow keys for navigating between menu choices or records. Press ENTER key to select a menu choice.  For Function keys like F9, F5 etc., you should first press and hold the Fn key (function key) on your laptop or desktop keyboard and then press the desired Function key like F6, F9 etc.  ESC key will take you back. Please see the following images.   Please use the freeware version of HN 5 on WIN 10 fully before you place order for HN Pro.

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