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AQUARIUS Sun Sign (Kumbha Rashi)


(KUMBHA Rashi)

Western System : Jan. 20 to Feb. 18

Indian System :  Feb. 14 to March 13

AQUARIUS Sun Sign (Kumbha Rashi)
General  Characteristics :

Aquarian (Kumbha Rashi) People  are ruled by the planet Saturn.  They are persevering and hard working. They often experience struggle and difficulties in life. They can be introvert as well as extrovert.  They are methodical. They love system, order, planning.  They are usually unbiased. They can understand what other people think, believe or do.  They have a pungent sense of humour.  They are serious-minded, thinkers, and philosophers.  They  are also  logical and intelligent.  They do not show their emotions easily and are often misunderstood on account of that.  They don't easily mix with the crowd.  They think differently.  On account of their demanding nature, it may be difficult to win their hearts.

Love :

They prefer long lasting relationships. They are idealists and perfectionists. They can be fault finding.  So the opposite sex  must be prepared to accept the whims and fancies of the aquarians.  They may face  disillusionment in love due to their high ideals.  They are faithful and sincere lovers.  They must develop relationship after due consideration and deliberation.

Useful Information for Aquarians :
      Good career choices for them are:

         Teacher, actor, thinker, philosoher, scientist, analyst, agriculture,  electronics

    * Ruling planet: Uranus, Saturn.
    * Lucky color: Turquoise, Blue.
    * Lucky gemstone : Turquoise, Blue Sapphire.
    * Lucky numbers : 2, 3, 7.

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