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HEAD NUMEROLOGIST: Numerology App for Windows that Works For You

Your True Numerology Guide

Head Numerologist - Your True Numerology Guide!

Head Numerologist - Your True Numerology Guide - is a free practical professional  numerology software for Windows (Compatible with WINDOWS 10). The application is  based on famous theories of numbers namely Chaldean, Pythagorean, Hindu, and Greek and ideas given by the most reputed numerologist Cheiro. 

Features at a glance (Version 6.1):

Complete Numerology Forecast Report

>> Reveals Your Personality, Love and Sex Life

>> Suggests Your Profession & Career

>> Suggests Your Lucky Gemstone, days and years

>> Suggests Remedial Measures to overcome obstacles and make you happier and successful

>> Forecast based on your name number, birth number, fate number and compound numbers and many other details

>> Calculation of desire number, its significance and forecast

>> Calculation of intimate number, its significance and forecast

>> Name number analysis and its significance

>> Compatibility check of your name number with your birth number

>> Cornerstone number analysis

>> Repetition of numbers in a name (Inclusion) and its significance

>> Analysis of numerical horoscope i.e.  significance of aspects in the horoscope

>> Graphic representation (showing calculation method) of name number, birth number and fate number

>> Famous people (celebrities) born under different numbers

>> Daily, Monthly and Yearly Forecast reports

>> Instant modular reports on the current person which can be saved as PDF file

Complete Record Management and Functional Reports

>> Add, Edit and Store persons data

>> Add, Edit and Store human names classified into English (men & women); Indian (Men & Women) and English surnames. Check your compatibility with any name you like

>> PRO version comes with over 14000 unique names and over 4500 Celebrities Names with their date of birth. Find compatibility with your favourite celebrity.

>> Select the most suitable and lucky name for yourself, for your children, your spouse, friends and relatives

>> Add, Edit and Store Locations / Places of the world classified into America, Africa, Australia, Europe, Asia Locations

>> Find your compatibility with the place where you live or intend to live

>> Numerology and Food You Eat. Know your most compatible food item. Add and Store food items

>> PRO version comes with 4000+ locations of the world and 500 food names

>> Select the most suitable place for yourself, your children, spouse, friends and relatives

>> Filter and display records on user specified birth number, fate number, name number, first name number, sur name number, gender and any combination of these. Highly useful feature for numerologists, learners and researchers.

>> Instant display of key numbers

Powerful Numerology Tools

>> Your Lucky Lottery Number Teller to make you successful at a Lottery

>> Find Compatibility between two persons for business, partnership or marriage.

>> All purpose Question Teller: You may have practically any question.

>> Lost Object Teller & Migrant's Condition Teller

>> Any Name and Number compatibility tool to find your compatibility with important objects's name like your company name or house number etc.

Customization Options and other Features

>> Choice of Chaldean, Pythagorean, Kabbalah Alphabet Values

>> Choice of  User-defined Alphabet Values.

>> Store user-defined values in any number of sets. Highly useful feature for numerologists and researchers.

>> Color customization with several pre-defined color combinations

>> Save report as PDF file direct

>> Send report to windows printer of your choice

>> Send report to user-defined external text editor for editing and printing

>> Choice of American or British Date Format

>> Choice of Sun Sign system viz. Sayan (western) or Nirayan (Indian)

>> Registered users can set up their name and address to be printed in all reports.

>> Very easy and fast registration procedure to unlock PRO features

>> Powerful Freeware with NO date range limitation; NO expiry

>> Quick Help Tips for getting started

>> Online Help and Support

Head Numerologist: See full Version History and Change log here

Why Use Head Numerologist

Head Numerologist has several practical advantages. The software helps you to achieve a variety of objectives and benefits:                                                     

#  You learn about yourself and inner workings of your mind through the complete forecast report. This raises your level of self awareness regarding your strengths and the need to overcome your challenge areas.
#  You receive effective remedies to help you overcome your difficulties.
#  You receive yearly, monthly and daily forecast which helps you decide about your future course of action.
#  You can select the most auspicious name for your baby, children, yourself and your spouse.
#  You select the most favourable name and number for your company, brand name, business name, house name, vehicle number, house number, registration number and just about any other name and or number significant for you.
#  You select the most favourable place in the world where you can live and work happily or even visit temporarily.
#  You learn about your compatibility with your partner - business, marriage or other. With understanding of your personal numbers, you work towards establishing better rapport with your important relationships like parents, children, friends & colleagues.
#  You have numerology tools to get answer to your question, find your lucky lottery number, find your lost object.
#  Head Numerologist is 100% FREE, without any date range limitation  and costs not a single cent. You may or may not upgrade to PRO.
# For all registered users, upgrade to HN PRO 6 is 100% free!
100% Clean   No Spyware    No Adware    No Virus

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HN PRO+             Sample Report
Head Numerologist :  Help and Support
Head Numerologist: Version History (change-log)

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System Requirement
PC with Hard Disk. HN is Compatible with WINDOWS 10  32 | 64 bit. The software runs on all Windows 32 / 64 bit versions starting from 95 to Win10. Please DOWNLOAD, install and use the freeware version. HN6 can also be installed on flash or pen drive and writable CDs.

For Mac Users: If you are a Mac user, you should be able to run it. In fact, some Mac users have reported successful installation and running the app. You'll need first to install Windows Virtual Machine on your Macbook. Thereafter install HN over it. You may google or go through this article: 

Complete Features of Head Numerologist

Numerology Forecast Report Features :
your nature and personality
your merits
your demerits
your love and sex life
your profession and career
your health prospects
your lucky gemstone
your numerical horoscope and aspects analysis
your name number compatibility with birth number
your place number compatibility with birth number
important years of your life
gives numerological advice
gives occult advice
remedial measures based on your name, birth, fate and astrological numbers
your fate and compound numbers and forecast based thereon
your desire number, intimate number and cornerstone analysis
Choice between Chaldean and Pythagorean Number Systems
Match Maker and Compatibility with another person
Daily,  Monthly, Yearly Forecast
Lost Article Finder

#   Complete database system to add and edit and store records of persons which can be classified into user-defined categories.

#  Database management system for names viz. Indian names - men and women,  English names - men and women, english names (mixed), English surnames. HEAD NUMEROLOGIST PRO comes with a large database of names with their meanings. Find the compatibility of a name you like with your date of birth and Select the most lucky name for yourself, for your children, spouse, friends & relatives. Add and store any number of names.

   Indian names - men         (with meanings)          :   2700
   Indian names - women     (with meanings)          :   2500
   English names - men        (with meanings)          :   535
   English names - women    (with meanings)          :   450
   English names (mixed)     (with meanings)          :   4535
   English surnames                                              :  10,000
   CELEBRITIES Names with their date of birth        :    4550
#      Database management system for locations of the world to ascertain your compatibility with the various places.  HN PRO comes with a large database classified into categories. Add and edit any number of locations. Find the compatibility of a place or location you live or intend to live with your name and date of birth. The locations are classified for your convenience into:

   Europe locations                        :  1400
   America north  locations             :   922
   America  south  locations           :   368
   Africa locations                          :   711
   Asia locations                            :   803
   Australia locations                     :   138
   India locations                           :   670
#  Food and Numerology is an area of research. Your numerological compatibility with a particular food you eat.  500 food items  are included in the database (HN PRO). Add and edit any number of items.               
#    Besides choice of Chaldean, Pythagorean, Kabbalah systems of numbers, now User-defined Alphabet Values stored in any number of sets can be used. Very useful feature for numerologists and researchers.

#   Integrate your own external text editor to edit, save and print reports.

#    Any name or number compatibility with your name and or date of birth. A fantastic tool to find whether a number or name like your vehicle number, house number, house name, company name, license name, registration no, phone number, brand name etc. etc. is good for you.

#  Knowledgebase on numerology, significance of numbers, meanings of compound numbers.

  Help and Support for HN 

HN PRO Promotional Offer

Get TWO HN PRO registration keys for the price of one. 

One for your home computer and one for your office or as a gift to your friend. So the effective price is only INR 275/- or US $ 4.50. Claim your second key when you place order. Offer can be discontinued any time without any prior notice. Order Now!

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