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In Indian Vedic Astrology, Panchanga means pancha + anga i.e five parts or limbs of the vedic calendar. The five parts are Day (Vaara / Din), Lunar day (Tithi), Star (Nakshatra), Yoga and Karana (half of Tithi). So, Panchang in Hindu Astrology is a sort of  Hindu Almanac. It is an astrological diary that is consulted for finding and selecting an appropriate and auspicious time (Muhurta) for important occasions, ceremonies or actions like marriage, education, travel, starting new business or project, examination, interview etc. Basically, Panchang is used to  match the current position of planets with the position of planets in a person's  astrological chart so as to find astrologically good days and times for that person. A detailed info on Panchanga is here. 


Astroccult Panchanga gives you daily Panchanga (copy and print panchanga report with forecast also) details along with Moon's Position and Chitra Paksha (Lahiri) Ayanamsha for the day. It also gives your Chandra Bala and Ashtama Chandra besides giving forecast on Tithi, Vara, Nakshatra, Karana & Yoga. So, you can know the general auspiciousness of a particular day and time.  Monthly Panchanga is also available. 


Time Zone is 5:30 for all places in India. Time Zones for other countries and places are given here.


Important: 1. For time zones West of Greenwich, please type  -  before the time zone value. For example for Los Angeles type -8.   2.  If daylight saving time (DST) also called summer time is applicable, then increase time zone by 1 hour. So, for Los Angeles, enter -9 in the time zone field. DST is not observed in India.

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