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Version History and Changelog

6.1  (2 October 2020)


1.   New: Registerd users can now set their name and address which will be printed in all reports. Set your name and address in settings.

2.   New: Registered users can send or copy report to clipboard in Quick Reports for pasting as text in any other application and anywhere like MS Word, text editor, email applications like Gmail, Yahoo mail etc.

3.   New: Registered users can now send reports to windows printer in Quick Reports option.

4.   New: In Qreports (quick reports) option, a few reports can now be saved as PDF by all users.

5.   New: Now you can copy and paste your registration key when registering Head Numerologist. This avoids error and saves time.

6.   Fixed: Random bug in fate number calculation when month of birth is November or December.

VERSION 6.0 (July 2020)

Head Numerologist ver. 6 is a Major Release with these new features:

01. World celebrities names with their date of birth: >4550 names

02. Instant display of key numbers

03. Instant modular reports on the current person which can be saved as PDF file

04. Save report as PDF file direct

05  send report to windows printer of your choice

06. Quick help tips to get you started

07. Open and view and print existing PDF reports

08. Color customization with several pre-defined color combinations

09. Suggests compatible numbers if there is no compatibility

10. Full mouse compatibility

11. Windows 10  32 | 64 bit compatible

12. Filter and display records on user specified birth number, fate number, name number, first name, sur name, gender and any combination of these. Highly useful feature for numerologists, learners and researchers.

13. Improved user interface.

14. Several enhancements and minor bug fixes

15. Very easy and fast registration procedure to unlock PRO features

16. Powerful freeware with NO date range limitation; NO expiry



1. 64 bit Windows compatible with better ease of use and faster processing

2.  Calculation of desire number and its significance / forecast

3.  Calculation of intimate number and its significance / forecast

4.  Name number analysis and its significance

5.  Cornerstone number analysis

6.  Repetition of numbers in a Name (Inclusion) and its significance

7.  Analysis of numerical horoscope i.e.  significance of aspects in the horoscope

8.  Graphic representation (showing calculation method) of name number, birth number and fate number

9.  Famous people (celebrities) born under different numbers

10.  Very easy,  fast Registration / Activation procedure to unlock PRO features

11. More powerful freeware with NO date range limitation; NO expiry

HN VERSION 4 (May 2012)

Head Numerologist version 4 is a major release with these new features:

1.  Completely new user-interface

2.  Complete database system to add / edit and store records of persons (for whom numerology forecaste report is required) which can be classified into user-defined categories.

3.  Database management system for names viz. Indian names - men / women,  english names - men and women, english names (mixed), english surnames.  HN PRO comes with a large database of names with their meanings.

   Indian names - men             (with meanings)          :   2700

   Indian names - women        (with meanings)          :   2500

   English names - men          (with meanings)           :   535

   English names - women     (with meanings)           :   450

   English names (mixed)       (with meanings)           :   4535

   English surnames                                                    :  10,000

4.  Database management system for locations of the world to ascertain your compatibility with the various places.  HN PRO comes with a large database classified into categories like:

   Europe locations                       :  1400

   America north  locations            :   922

   America  south  locations           :  368

   Africa locations                          :  711

   Asia locations                            :  803

   Australia locations                     :  138

   India locations                           :  670

                 Add / edit / delete any number of locations


5.  Food and Numerology is an area of research. Your numerological compatibility with a particular food you eat.  500 food items  are included in the database. Add / edit / delete any number of items.

6.  Besides choice of Chaldean, Pythagorean, Kabbalah systems of numbers, now user-defined alphabet values stored in any number of sets can be used. Very useful feature for numerologists and researchers.

7.  Use your own text editor to edit reports.

8.   Any name / number compatibility with your name and or date of birth.

9.  Knowledgebase on numerology, meanings of compound numbers.

10.  Other additions like choice of American or British date format,  enhanced remedial measures, lucky lottery number teller etc.

New in Head Numerologist 3.3 (November 8, 2010)

Better user inter-face with greater ease of use, mouse compatibility, no password requirement and better help file

New in Head Numerologist 3.2.2 (December 26, 2008)

Better installation and very minor bugs fixed

New in Head Numerologist 3.2 (October 13, 2008)

modified to install and run on Windows (all versions)

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