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Help and Support


After installing the software, you can run it by clicking the HN icon on the desktop or you can also click the start button, and click Head Numerologist tab to run it. You will see this Main screen:
You see the names and date of birth of  all persons saved in the database for which numerology report is required. You must enter the data of the person before you can generate report.
The last 5 rows are fully mouse-sensitive. Click the relevant region to perform the specified task or function. You can also use various physical active  keys.

Up & Dn arrow keys :  click or use them to scroll up and down in the window

PgUp & PgDn          :  click or go one window up  and down respectively

Ins / Del Key            : click or use INS key to insert or add a new record and DEL Key to delete the current highlighted record with a warning

F2                           :   click or use F2 key to displays all the details of a person(s)

F3                           :  click or press this key to change the display order of records. The default is alphabetical. you can select date of birth wise etc.

F4                           :   Click or use F4 key to go to the top record if not already there and to the bottom if already at the top.

F5                          :  Click or use this key to the edit or modify the current highlighted record.

Enter Key               :  selects or unselects the current record for deletion, or for compatibility

F6                          :  Click or use this key to set the various parameters of the application which have been explained separately.

F7                          :  Click or use F7 key to Invoke Reports and Tools Menu. Name of the currently highlighted person is displayed on the top.

F8                          : Click or use F8 key to Filter the records acc. to the various parameters you specify.

F9                          :  Click or use this key to manage User-defined alphabet system management:  HN now allows you to set the alphabet values acc. to your desire and need. You can create as many alphabets sets as you like.  One set can be activated at a time. Useful for research minded numerologists.

F1                          : (In version 5 only )Opens up this online Help and Support feature in a browser window. The feature is available  everywhere in the application by pressing F1. Internet connection must be enabled or available for this online feature.

Home or ^F1 : Takes you to the HN home page

Key Numbers or ^F2 : Displays all key numbers of the current highlighted record

Q-Reports or ^F3 :  Get instant modular reports on the current highlighted person; save report as PDF file also. Modular reports can also be sent to printer or copied to windows clipboard for pasting anywhere in applications like MS Word, Gmail, yahoo mail, text editor, web whatsapp etc.

+More or ^F4 : shows direct resources on astroccult website

Meet Developer or ^F5 : introduces you to the developer and designer of this application.
Website or ^F6 : takes you to astroccult official website

Quit HN or ^F7 : Double click this area to quit HN application

Help | Feedback or ^F8 :  has the option "Quick Help Tips" which are helpful to get you started. You can also send your feedback  and subscribe to our newsletter for latest information on update, products and services.

Register or ^F9 :  to register your copy of HN and to unlock the PRO features.

About HN or ^F10 : About the HN application; your registration status and to get your Volume Key number for registration

Free software or ^F11 : download free application on astroccult website

Media or ^F12 : Follow us on Tumblr, facebook, youtube, Instagram etc.

ESC key                  : ESC or Mouse Right Click  is the hot key everywhere and cancels the current operation and takes you back.

MOUSE COMPATIBILITY : On the main menu, you can highlight a record taking mouse cursor on the desired one. You can scroll up or down records.  You can also scroll one record using up / dn arrow keys  and Pg Up and Pg Dn keys for scrolling windows.   When entering data, you can goto the desired field using mouse.   To cancel or go back, use ESC KEY or Mouse Right Click everywhere. To select a BOX menu option, DOUBLE CLICKVer. 6 is fully mouse compatible. But please keep in mind that the mouse may not function in ver. 5 on WIN 10 as expected.  If so, then Use up / down / right / left arrow keys for navigating between menu choices or records. Press ENTER key to select a menu choice.

Locate a Record Fast: To locate a record, just press the first letter of the name, the record pointer will immediately move to the first record beginning with that letter. This facility is available wherever the database is presented in a box alphabetically e.g. in Cities and Names, food, persons data in the main window of the program.

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ADD / EDIT / DELETE A RECORD clicking or using   Ins,  F5  and Del keys respectively.


Add Record Screen:  Middle name and or last name fields if not applicable can be left empty.  You can tag a note or memo  to the record in which you can record details like actual life story, main events, habits etc. of the person. Current Place of living  is required if the person's compatibility with a place is to be found out.

Ins Key -  Add a Record (above)
Display  Records  (F2 KEY)

Go Top

Settings are important. You should customize your preferences.   Click or use F6 key to see and modify your settings.

Settings (F6 KEY) : The various parameters are explained below:
Index Data Files :  If set to Yes or True, then every time you run the application, files are indexed. Normally this is not required and should be set to No Or False  so as to save time of loading. If you notice any abnormality in data files, please set this option to Yes and restart the application.

Number system :
  You can select the default alphabet values system which can be CHALDEAN, PYTHAGOREAN, KABBALAH, OR USER-DEFINED. To select an option, use  enter key and to go to next field, use down arrow key. If user-defined is selected then the activated set in the user-defined alphabet system will be used.

Sun sign system:  can be SAYAN (WESTERN) mainly used in the west and European countries  or it can be NIRAYAN (INDIAN / SIDEREAL) in which ayanamsha (precession of the equinox) is subtracted.  Normally western sun sign systen is used.

Date format can be British  which is   dd/mm/yyyy or  American which is  mm/dd/yyyy

Color Scheme : select the color scheme from several available color combinations. Select Custom Color scheme option at the end to define and use your own color scheme.

User-defined Scheme : define your own color scheme here:

The following colors are supported:

     Color Table
     Color          Letter  
     Black             N, Space
     Blue              B       
     Green          G       
     Cyan            BG      
     Red             R       
     Magenta      RB      
     Brown          GR      
     White           W       
     Gray            N+      
     Bright Blue    B+      
     Bright Green  G+      
     Bright Cyan    BG+     
     Bright Red     R+      
     Bright Magenta RB+     
     Yellow           GR+     
     Bright White    W+      

for example:  W/N,R/W,,,N/W      N/N+, BG+/B,,,N/N+      W+/R, BG+/B,,,W+/R

Lines per page: Should be around 60. used only when spool printing.

Use Print Spooler : Default set to No or False. Set it to YES or True which lets you, use your default printer with page formatting etc. If set to NO, THEN default custom editor or windows inbuilt notepad is used to print and display the output or report. Print spooling is not really required in version 6.

Print Spooler File: Name the PRINT SPOOLER application file name so as to invoke the program.  The default is WinPrint.exe.  You can use anyother print spooler program. But its exe file must be in the HN application directory. The spooler must be configured to monitor .rep files (Report files) generated by HN which are sent to the printer by the spooler. The use of print spooler is recommended in version 5. In version 6, you can send reports direct to the Windows printer or save them as PDF file direct.

Ask output method (ver. 5 only):  If set to YES then everytime, you generate a report, you are asked where to send the report : to print spooler or editor or inbuilt windows notepad.

Custom editor:
  If you don't want to use the print spooler, then you can mention the name of the editor (exe file) to use for editing and printing.  Some freeware editors are AKELPAD  /   WINVI  /  ABIWORD / NOTEPAD2  etc. They can be downloaded from various download sites or from publishers site. Some can be downloaded from our site too. The editor file (exe file) must be placed in the same folder where the application HN resides. You can also use windows inbuilt notepad to print.

Registered User: Set your name and address to be printed in all reports. This option is available for registered users only.
Use on screen Keyboard (ver. 5 only):  On screen key board feature lets you use a third party software with which you can enter data using simply your mouse only.  Press   T  or   Y   to use it.

On screen keyboard file (ver. 5 only):  Name the on-screen keyboard application file name so as to load the program.  OSK is windows XP / WIN7's inbuilt onscreen keyboard program. This utility is for smooth data entry, easy program operation and complete mouse compatibility if you like it.  You can use any other on-screen keyboard. Mention its file name and it must be available in the application folder.
User-defined Alphabet Values System:  HN allows you to define your own values of each alphabet and save them in sets. You can give each set a title of your choice for easy identification.  To activate a set, first select it under "Use it" field. Then you must select "User-defined alphabet" under alphabet system in system settings.

To tap the full potential of HEAD NUMEROLOGIST, please upgrade to PRO version. The PRO version has no limitations.

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