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Feng Shui KUA Number 4 (Xun / Hsun)

Tips, Enhancers, Cures and Remedies for Lucky and Unlucky Directions For KUA 4

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KUA Number 4   (Xun / Hsun)
Feng Shui 4 Good / Auspicious / Lucky Directions
For Money and Success
(Sheng Chi)
For Good Health(Tien Yi) For Better Love & Romance Life
(Nien Yen)
For Personal Growth, Education, Good Luck
(Fu Wei)
North       South East Southeast
      Feng Shui Tips and Enhancers to Activate and Energise Your Lucky Directions
    * Face this direction to enhance your wealth and career prospects.
    * Place a water feature in this area to activate this area and to enhance your success.
    * Hang a 6 rod metal wind chime in the north to stimulate the positive chi.
    * Place an Arrowana fish in the North for your success.
   * To enhance your health, sleep in a room in this area.
   * Using doors that face this direction will promote  good health.
    * Display Quan Yin and Sau, the god of longevity to symbolize good health.
     * Evergreen plants will enhance the element of Fire in the South.
     * To activate the east area, display a Dragon statue.
    * Working in this direction will improve your relationships with your co-workers and colleagues.
     * Place a water feature like an aquarium or a fountain.
    * Face this direction while sitting, relaxing and studying. This is very good for promoting your personal growth.
   * Display an image of a green dragon in this area.
   * Place arrowana fish or a carp fish in this area.
KUA Number 4
Feng Shui 4 Bad / Inauspicious / Unlucky Directions
Bad Luck                Five Ghosts Six Killlings Total Loss Least Worst Direction
(Ho Hai)
Northwest Southwest West Northeast Northwest
          Feng Shui Cures and Remedies to Prevent / Nullify the Bad Effects of Unlucky Directions
   * Your main door must not face this direction.
    * Never work facing this direction.
    * This area is good for your toilet, kitchen or store room.
    * Display Wuloo in this area or keep a pair by your bed side.
    * Hang crystal balls here to weaken the effect of the negative energies.
    * Avoid sitting or facing this direction.
    * Do not have your desk facing this direction at your work place as it could lead to arguments, disputes and loss of authority.
    * To protect yourself place, a Happy Man or a Dragon Turtle in this area. Do not put them if this area happens to be your bedroom.
   * Avoid sitting or facing this direction.
   * This area is good for your toilet or a store room to combat the negative energies of the Six Killings.
    * Do not place any earth element objects like ceramic or clay pots in this area.
   * Avoid facing this direction when working.
    * Place a staute or image of Kuan Kung in this area to protect against the negative forces.
    * Hang a wind chime here to disperse the negative energy of this area.
   * Use this direction when there is no other alternative.

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