Paying by PayPal / Credit Card

You can  make the payment by PayPal,  the most popular International secure  Payment Gateway. Even multiple products/services can be paid by a single payment. When you submit the Order Form, you are requested to select your payment menthod. Select PayPal. You will be taken to PayPal website where you can make online payment either from  your already existing PayPal account  OR using your Credit Card without PayPal account.  PayPal accepts all major Credit Cards like Visa / Master  and  also accepts Bank Transfers.

It is easy to follow their online instructions You must have your any email ID before you can pay by PayPal. 

Alternatively,  you  click on the PayPal image link given below. You'll go to the PayPal web site from where you can make an online payment by following the simple instructions given below.

1)     Select "Send Money" link.
2)     In the "To" column type our email ID >

3)      In the "From" column type your email ID

4)      In the "Amount" column fill in the amount in US $ or any of the 18 currencies accepted by PayPal as follows>

Canadian Dollars, Euros, Pounds Sterling, U.S. Dollars, Yen, Australian Dollars, New Zealand Dollars, Swiss Francs, Hong Kong Dollars, Singapore Dollars, Swedish Kronor, Danish Kroner, Polish Zloty, Norwegian Kroner, Hungarian Forint, Czech Koruna, Israeli Shekels, Mexican Pesos.

Important Note: All our prices are given in Indian Rupees. You can check amount in your currency rate using the currency converter by Clicking here.

5)       In the "For" column select Service/Other.

6)      Click continue and complete the payment.

7)      After completing the payment email us at   giving details as follows:

     a)      Amount paid

      b) Details of payment, i.e.,  "Payment for horoscope prediction, payment for gem consultancy , payment for muhurata etc.

Click on the PayPal link bellow to pay by PayPal (opens in a new window)

When the window opens click on "Send Money" link under the Business link. See anc click the image below for paying by PayPal. - Your Best Astrology Guide!
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