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KUA Number 9   (Li)
Feng Shui 4 Good / Auspicious / Lucky Directions
For Money and Success
(Sheng Chi)
For Good Health(Tien Yi)
For Better Love & Romance
(Nien Yen)
For Personal Growth,
Education, Good Luck
(Fu Wei)
      Feng Shui Tips and Enhancers to Activate and Energise Your Lucky Directions
   * This is your Wealth
direction. Your main door
should face this direction.
This will help you increase
your wealth.
    * Use this direction for
working and sleeping. This
will also attract wealth.
    * Place a three legged
frog with a coin in its
    * Display a water
feature like an aquarium
with 8 gold fishes and 1
black fish or a fountain in
the South East to activate
the wood element.
    * Hang crystal balls
here in the South east.
     * Display a Money
Plant or plants with
rounded leaves or jade
plants to symbolize
growing wealth.
    * To enhance this area
display a pair of mandarin
  * Sleeping with your
head in this direction will
help you get along with
family members.
      * Activating this area
will enhance and
strengthen or attract a
loving relationship.

        * Activate the fire
element in this area by
hanging a picture of the
    * Display Dragon
Turtle here.
    * You can also
strengthen this area by
placing a pair of
KUA Number 9
Feng Shui 4 Bad / Inauspicious / Unlucky Directions
Bad Luck               
Five Ghosts
Six Killlings
Total Loss
Least Worst
(Ho Hai)
          Feng Shui Cures and Remedies to Prevent / Nullify the Bad Effects of Unlucky Directions
    * Avoid facing this
direction when
working or sleeping
as this could lead to
accidents and bad
    * Display a Kuan
yin statue or picture
to help deflect the
negative energy
    * You can go for a
pair of metal Wuloo in
this area.
    * Avoid sitting or
facing this direction.
    * This area can be
used for your toilet or
a store room to
combat the negative
energies from this
    *  Display
Arrowana fish to
weaken the strength
of the metal element 
in the west. This will
help protect you
against mishaps.
    * This area is 
suitable for kitchens,
store rooms and
    * Display a pair of
Qi Lins to neutralize
the negative energy
in this area.
    * Do not have
your desk facing this
direction as it could
lead to arguments
and loss of authority
and lead to disputes
    * You should
avoid sitting or facing
this direction or area
as it is your total loss
  * Display Wuloo in
this area or keep a
pair by your bed side.
  * Hang crystal balls
here to neutralize the
effect of the
negative forces.
* Use this direction
when there is no
other alternative.
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