General Charactristics :

Capricorn People are ruled by the planet Saturn. They are usually versatile, independent, and confident. They find fault with themselves and often  have a  low self-esteem. They are trust-worthy and alert. They make a good leader. They can have erratic temperament. Dealing with the masses gives them satisfaction.

Love :
They usually develop  good relations with the opposite sex. They are more on the intellect plane than on the physical. They have deep emotions. They need time to understand them properly. Under negative influences, they can be flirtatious
and deceitful.

Useful Information for Capricorn People :
      Good career choices for them  are:
                        Jobs associated with public dealing, travelling, manager, financer,  property dealer,  builder

    * Ruling planet: Saturn.
    * Lucky colour: brown, blue (and other dark colors).
    * Lucky gemstone: black onyx, blue sapphire.
    * Lucky numbers : 6, 8 and 9. - Your Best Astrology Guide!
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