In Astrology, there are three requirements to cast
a horoscope viz.  date of birth, time of birth and
place of birth. Usually, date and place of birth are
known, but in many cases the time of birth is
either not known at all or it is just an approximate
time  with a high degree of inaccuracy. But, it is
very important for an astrologer to have the
correct birth time of his client. In its absence,  a
correct horoscope cannot be cast and as a result,
correct predictions cannot be made. Therefore,
availability of a corrct birth time is must for an

While today, quartz and high precision watches 
have enabled the doctors and nurses to record
the correct time of birth, in good old days only
mechanical watches were available which were
notorious for their incorrect time. These watches
would  loose or gain time to a considerable extent.
Then in old days, there was not much awareness
of the importance to record the correct time of
birth.  In many cases, parents as well as the
native forget entirely the correct time of birth.

Birth Time Rectification comes under the purview
of an expert astrologer. The accuracy of  a 
horoscope can be measured after studying the
horoscope and tallying  the main events that have
already happened in the life of the native. If the
events tally, the horoscope is correct, and
obviously, if the events do not tally the horoscope
is incorrect and in that case  "Birth Time
Rectification" is required.

If you do not know your birth time, or you have
forgotten, then do not worry. At,
we can rectify your birth time. For this task, all
you  need is to send us your day, month, year
and place of birth and  the approximate time of
your birth. You can possibly tell whether you were
born in the early morning, in the after noon, in the
evening, or at night or mid night etc. It is
desirable and advisable that besides these details, 
you must provide us with the details of  your
physical features, your nature, likes, dislikes and
some main  events which happened in your life in
past.  Such past events could be some childhood
accident, education, marriage, death in family,
divorce, disease, purchase of property, number of
siblings, birth of children,  condition of parents,  or
any other event which you  think is important. 
We shall rectify your date of birth on the basis of
the details provided by you.

INR (Indian Rupees) 700.00 or US $ 15.00

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