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KUA Number 7   (Dui or Tui)
Feng Shui 4 Good / Auspicious / Lucky Directions
For Money and Success
(Sheng Chi)
For Good Health (Tien Yi)
For Better Love & Romance
(Nien Yen)
For Personal Growth,
Education, Good Luck
(Fu Wei)
      Feng Shui Tips and Enhancers to Activate and Energise Your Lucky Directions
    * The main door of your
house and work place
should face this direction
because this is your money
and success direction.
    * Having your office or
desk in your success
direction will encourage
wealth and improve your
career luck.
    * To enhance your good
fortune and for your
protection,  place a pair of
Qi Lins in this area.
     * Sleep in this
direction. This will help you
stay healthy.
   * To energize your
Health Direction, use a
door that faces South
    * Enhance your health
luck by placing pair of
Wuloo by your bed side.
     * Display semi-precious
stones or earthern ware
pots in this area.
   * Always keep this area
neat and clean and free
from all clutter.
   * To enhance your love
life, place a pair of
mandarin Ducks.
    * Place a Double
Happiness symbol to
brighten up your love life.
   * To activate your
personal growth and good
luck, place a crystal globe
here and spin it daily.
   * This area is very
good to display statues
and paintings that
symbolize strength. An
elephant or a horse can
be displayed here.
KUA Number 7
Feng Shui 4 Bad / Inauspicious / Unlucky Directions
Bad Luck               
Five Ghosts
Six Killlings
Total Loss
Least Worst
(Ho Hai)
          Feng Shui Cures and Remedies to Prevent / Nullify the Bad Effects of Unlucky Directions
    * Do not enhance
this area. Just keep it
clean and tidy.
    * Never display
moving items like
clocks or wind chimes
etc. or anything thing
that may enhance
the negative energies
    * Place a pair of
Qi Lins facing north
to suppress the
negative Chi.
    * Do not sleep in
this area otherwise it
will affect your
    * Do not face this
direction when
working or this will
attract troubles.
       * Use objects of
the earth element
such as ceramic or
earthenware pots in
this area.
   * To weaken the
effect of the
negative energy,
place a Qi Lins here
and let it face
    * Placing Kuan
Kung statue here will
impart protection 
against fraud,
treachery and hidden
attack from behind
by your secret
    * Do not energise
this area of your
home by placing
moving items like
clocks etc.
   * You should never
face this direction
when working. It is
your total loss
direction. Facing this
direction will prevent
you from succeeding
in business or will
cause obstacles in
your career and
    * The main door
of your house and
work place must not
face this direction
because it could
cause disagreements,
disputes between
you and your
relations.  It would
also exercise a bad
effect on your wealth
* Use this direction
when there is no
other alternative.
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