Sepharial (born March 20, 1864, at 2:06 a.m. LMT in Handsworth, England and died: December 23, 1929 in Hove, England) was a reputed astrologer, numerologist and occultist of his times. His books are still widely read by the students of astrology and the occult. Sepharial wrote many books, most of which are rare and out of print. Here are a few:

    "New Dictionary of Astrology", republished by Arco, New York in 1964.
   "The New Manual of Astrology" (in four books).
"Astrology Explained".
    "The Book Of The Simple Way" Pub 1904. (Translation of Lao Tzu's Chinese classic, the "Tao Te Ching").
    "The Kabala of Numbers" Pub 1913 (on numerology).
    "The Silver Key".
    "Cosmic Symbolism".
    "Science of Foreknowledge".
     Co-written with Charubel: "Degrees of the Zodiac Symbolised" (on astrology).

How to Read the Crystal by Sepharial is a wonderful book on the art and practice of crystal reading. It is a concise guide to learn and practise this ancient art of divination and fortune telling. The learned author also gives a logical explanation of things involved in the art. It is certainly one of the authentic books on crystal gazing or "crystal seering."
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Chapter I.  A Postulate 
Chapter II.  Qualifications 
Chapter III.  Preliminaries 
Chapter IV.  The Vision 
Chapter V.  Difficulties 
Chapter VI.  Symbols 
Chapter VII.  Some Experiences 
Chapter VIII.Directions for Using the Ovoids and Spheres for Crystal or Mirror Vision  
Chapter IX.  Concise Dictionary of Astrological Terms

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