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qNumerologist (Quick Numerologist) is
your quick numerology advisor. It is a
handy numerology software tool to
generate a quick and precise numerology
personality and forecast report. Just enter
your name, date of birth and press the
button and Bingo! Your numerology report
is displayed instantly. It is recommended to
all those who want an instant, brief and
precise numerology report without the
intricacies of a  lengthy numerology report. 
It is equally useful for numerologists,
hobbyist and just about anybody interested
in numerology. It is absolutely free. It is
light-weight and has no expiry.

qNumerologist Features

Your personality indications and advice based on
your name number

Your merits or good qualities

Your demerits or drawbacks

Your Lucky Number (Birth Number)

Your Fate Number (Life Path Number)

Your Astrological Number & Sun Sign

Your Compatible (friendly) Numbers

Your Incompatible (Enemy) Numbers

Your Eventful / Influencing Years

Your Lucky Day

Your Lucky Months

Your Lucky Colors

Your Ruling Planet

Your Lucky Gemstone (Jewels)

Your Lucky Metal

Your Health Issues

Explanation of numerological terms used in the

System Requirements
qNumerologist runs on all Windows versions starting from
98. It requires just 1mb hard disk space. Download the
setup file and run it. Follow the instructions to install it.
If you desire, uninstall it from the “Add Remove
programs” option of the Windows.

qNumerologist is 100% Free
qNumerologist is free for personal, educational and non-
commercial use.
It contains no adware or malware.
Download it Free!
You are free to make as many copies of it as you like.

Credits: P V Singh (Astrologer, Numerologer & Palmist)

We continue to spend time, money and resources to
update and maintain this free software and other free
services. If you think qNumerologist is a valuable program
and would like to help us to make it even better and
keep this work going, we request you to consider
contributing some money starting from just $1. You can
donate in your own currency by your credit card or

Download qNumerologist  460 KB

Download qNumerologist  460 KB

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